Take Heart Film narrated by Stan Grant
Take Heart RHD Film about the quest to rid Australasia of RHD Rheumatic Heart Disease

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Take Heart - The quest to rid Australasia of Rheumatic Heart Disease

Below you will find links to download the poster, the electronic press kit (Coming Soon), teaser, trailer and publicity stills.

Take Heart Poster
High Resolution A4 Poster Downloads (JPG files):
Take-Heart_POSTER_A4_300dpi_CMYK.zip (9MB)
Take-Heart_POSTER_A4_300dpi_RGB.zip (5MB)

High Resolution A1 Poster Download (PDF file setup for print):
Take-Heart_POSTER_A1_300dpi_CMYK_5mm-Bleed.zip (13MB)
– Take Heart_POSTER_A1_300dpi_CMYK_5mm-Bleed.pdf (14.5MB)

Take Heart – Electronic Press Kit (pdf) – COMING SOON
– Take-Heart_Press-Kit.zip (5.4MB)
– Take-Heart_Press-Kit.pdf (5.6MB)

Take Heart – Publicity Stills
Print quality download:

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